2017 #697

Gum leaves in vase. PicSketch.

It’s been a while since I’ve used PicSketch to produce a ‘sketch’ or ‘painting’, along with not having taken many new photos that could be suitable. But, last night, I went through what images I do have currently and played around a bit. Dead gum leaves in green vase has allowed quite a variety of images. Here are a few more.

Gum leaves + shadow. PicSketch.
Gum leaves in green vase. PicSketch.


2017 #696


I believe in sharing the few left over crumbs with my fellow travellers. 🐤

Taken at Brunetti’s at the old city square in the CBD.

Sparrows are cheeky opportunists, but difficult to capture as their neutral colouring makes them blend in to the environment — Concrete tables, silver metal chairs and neutral birds altogether. This is where cropping and processing can make a huge difference when trying to create interest. Part of the fun of using Phototastic Collage app means I can zoom in on an image to show just the part I wish to display, in detail.