Vale Betty Churcher

Leaf and shadow. SketchCamera.
Leaf and shadow. SketchCamera.

Today I deigned to open the latest edition of Gallery magazine, produced by the National Gallery of Victoria, of which I am a member, and came across the short article about Dr Elizabeth (Betty) Churcher who died on 31mar2015 (p12). I was deeply saddened.

She was a familiar personage whilst I was busy soaking up artworks everywhere. Having watched her TV programs, I came to appreciate her warm manner and delivery, her extensive knowledge of Art, and that she was teaching me something, by opening up my eyes and increasing my capacity to understand and appreciate those works I may, naturally, not have looked at or thought about. I liked her immensely. She will be very much missed by us all.

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    1. I agree — especially in the era of my early adult years, when Art was still viewed as something for the toffy-nosed-types by the average majority. I’m glad she stood up and ‘taught’ us, in her own quiet fashion. And I’m glad Australians have finally woken up to the value of Art, for themselves individually and for the community as a whole.

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