2015 #190

Loving ornaments. PicSketch.
Loving ornaments. PicSketch.

This is a closeup of just a few of these small ornaments I received from my family in Europe over a period shortly after my mother’s death in 2002. They include the butterfly, the angel, the star, and another type of star made of straw, a four-leaf clover within an upturned horseshoe (it must be upturned to provide the luck) and a lovely red heart. They ‘live’ in my kitchen, where I see them every day. I appreciate the kind thoughts behind these gifts as they know I’m on my own; they comfort me.

This is a link-up to BB’s Art + Design’s post called ‘Butterfly‘. I agree with the sentiments expressed therein and in my comment as well (which I hope will be approved by the time this is posted). Please take a look at her wonderful Art, you won’t be disappointed. ❤

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