2016 #390

Seaside plant. PicSketch.
Seaside plant. PicSketch. *D80 in macro mode, handheld. **And one for leap year day.

I was visiting another blog recently and was lucky enough to see their post showing more of this plant. This soft plant-head, which I love to use to tickle my chin, was first introduced to me by my mother when we were in the immigration camp at Somers on the Mornington Peninsula, all those years ago. The one in this image resides in a small glass pitcher on a shelf in my kitchen.

I never knew its name until my recent blog visit. The common name is Hare’s Tail or Bunny Tail and here’s a link for some information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagurus_ovatus.

Like bog cotton (see the tag in the sidebar for images), I find this plant is a difficult subject to photograph well, particularly when shooting in handheld mode, which, for me, is most of the time. Although I do have a steady hand, this is a subject that needs a tripod to do it justice. I may have another go at some point using the tripod. Yet, in this image, I was happy to get the bottle top reasonably sharp and the shape of the planthead. The textured background is provided by the flyscreen on one of my lounge room windows looking into the garden, and textured paper effect in PicSketch for further depth.

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