2016 #453

Chocolate dessert. PicSketch. Two views.
Chocolate dessert. PicSketch. Two views.

When it comes to food photography, I’ve learned that some things just don’t cut it. Brown coloured foods, or some Asian dishes, or bland things like some puddings. Errkk! But, occasionally I just can’t help myself; maybe it’s the optimist in me! This pic is a case in point. I am enamoured by the circles within a larger circle, offset by the angular lines provided by the two chocolate tubes sitting on the dessert. So, compositionally I’m reasonably happy. Eating-wise, I found the ice cream and just the cake part of the dessert, together, were totally scrumptious. With some of that ganache in the mix, not so hot, too ‘sticky’ and dry…go figure!

chocolate dessert ice cream

Author: jmnowak

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