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from The Woman’s Book of Soul: Meditations for Courage, Confidence & Spirit by Sue Patton Thoele.

p152 Touching to Remember

We are sensuous beings. While our sense of touch brings us much pleasure, it’s also essential for our emotional well-being. Motherless baby monkeys choose to cuddle with a towel-wrapped wire figure rather than stay around an unwrapped one even though the uncovered “mom” has food by her. We humans are no different than the little monkeys, we need tactile stimulation and solace.

A friend of mine is waging a herculean battle against the cancer invading many areas of her body. Accompanying her to each procedure and all hospital stays is a stuffed lamb given to her by a woman mentor. Gerrie feels less alone and derives physical and emotional comfort from holding her lamb or having him where she can see him. At first, she said it seemed weird to be a grown woman carrying a rather large stuffed toy, but she became increasingly comfortable as doctors, nurses and friends accepted the lamb as a natural part of her healing.

But the lamb is not just a toy for Gerrie, who sees him as a symbol for Christ, the Lamb of God. I wouldn’t be surprised if Christ didn’t embody that little toy lamb on occasion in order to comfort his pain-ridden child.

As sensual beings, we need touchstones around us that we can feel in order to nourish our souls and warm our hearts. Such symbols frequently become poignant reminders that we are not alone, but are precious and invaluable, lovable and forever loved by the Divine. As we touch items infused with meaning for us, we can more easily feel ourselves held in the everlasting arms of the Beloved — nurtured, cherished, and comforted.

What touches your heart when you see or feel it? What objects have you gathered around yourself that nourish your soul? We all have them, but oftentimes don’t remember to let them soothe us. Just for fun, put one of your symbols in a prominent place as a reminder that you are loved and valued.

I am comforted by meaningful symbols.
I am a loved and lovable child of the Divine.

Jack, my constant companion in my 'office'.
Jack, my constant companion in my ‘office’ and who gets hugs frequently. A gift from my late mother.

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