2016 #508

Here is another of the plants I used to just call ‘Pretty ….’. Interestingly, in my naming this plant Pretty in Pink, I came very close to its common name — Pretty ‘n Pink (the apostrophe makes all the difference!). It is Serruria Florida x.rosea, because it is a species with other colours, and this one is pink (rosea). Commonly also called Blushing Bride, it is small and fits in beautifully in bridal bouquets. It has hints of bog cotton to its nature (refer to the tag: bog cotton to see samples of what I mean). I like this beauty!

Blushing Bride in pink. Various software. Three versions.
Blushing Bride in pink. Various software. Three versions.

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  1. Hi, Janina: I was recently recognized with a Liebster Award from Snehal Kank, a way of bloggers highlighting and thanking other bloggers that they follow and admire.. Yes, it’s somewhat like a chain letter and takes some work, but I like the spirit of it, and I’ve nominated you! I love receiving your posts in my Reader and seeing where your experimentation is taking you! If you don’t wish to participate, no worries. But if you do, it’s outlined in my latest post how to take part – https://artwewonderful.com/2016/06/11/paying-it-forward-with-the-liebster-award/. Again, thanks for sharing your work! And more people should see it!

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    1. Thank you so much, Marion! I appreciate all your encouragement. After having thought about it (for a few seconds), I’ve decided to accept and have prepared a draft post which will be published after the current schedule of posts (around six days). Hope you’re keeping well! Cheers, janina 🙂


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