2016 #540

It was a bright sunny day in South Melbourne when I found a new eatery where I had a late breakfast. From where I sat, I saw this building having the finishing touches made to it. I decided to come back later and photograph it. This four-storey structure houses a number of boutique creative businesses and I think the building makes a bold statement in that regard. I may go and have a squizz inside and take more photos, if they’ll let me.

Australia’s architecture in recent years has become quite distinct and unique. Playing to the harsh yet beautiful environment — often hot, hostile, dry or quite cold — with either wide open spaces or being deep in the bush, and that love we have as a people for bringing the outside into the home/building and letting us feel to be a part of Nature.

The ‘tin shed’ is an iconic Australian structure. Made of corrugated iron, used mainly for roofing in housing that needs to be sturdy and can handle the elements, especially in Outback Australia, as well as for structures such as hay lofts and barns or garages and store rooms, or what is colloquially called the ‘man shed’, a space where only men are allowed to go and do creative stuff. (I love the sound of rain on a tin roof…but I digress.)  One can see the tin shed-look more frequently now in suburban Australia. Architects are realising its great potential and are doing wonderful things with design. The building in this post is a great example.

[PS: I was going to sort through my archives and delete approx. 100 of the earliest posts (I started blogging in June 2014). But, then, as I looked through them I thought, No, there are some interesting images here, in my view…I won’t delete. I’ll add an Archives widget to the sidebar — which I did. So, now you can search another way — happy exploring!]

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