2016 #542

There is a café very close by called Nara, serving Thai street food. I’ve posted a few pix taken on the only day, so far, that I’ve eaten there. The food is delicious and the surroundings are pleasant, and it’s not an overly large space, a plus in my view. On the reception counter, there is a Thai cigarettes wooden cabinet (pix to come), along with three rather old and large, empty, Thai candy tins. The brand on two of them is Halls (whoever they were) and the look of the imagery on these tins is so 1950s glamour/chic. So American advertising, à la Madmen. And I must comment that the woman on the tin looks so much like my mother when she was in her early 30s.

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  1. Halls Mentholyptus are marketed as cough suppressant and sore throat lozenges, made by Pfizer..available for years, and not Thai at all!


    1. Hey, Sue, thanks — I’m learning new stuff all the time. Even Boeta says they have them in South Africa! Not here ‘tho. I’d like them! Would be the equivalent to our Vicks Vapour Drops.

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