2016 #561

Yellow/red roses, bringing sunshine to a cloudy day. Close crop. PicturePerfect.
Yellow/red roses, bringing sunshine to a cloudy day. Close crop. PicturePerfect.

It was cloudy earlier today. Now, it’s windy enough to really move the trees and leaves, and the sun has moved lower in the sky getting ready for dusk. The shadows on my walls in my loungeroom and bedroom are fun to watch, and I feel good.

A couple of things have been happening and why I’ve not posted for a few days. Normally I schedule at least one week in advance, but I had only the one draft post, this one, in store.

Firstly, my lovely HTC smartphone has been coping less well with the new Win10 arrangements on a rather old (approx. four years) Win7 phone. I will keep it for photography purposes as have just purchased two more batteries, which should keep me going for quite a while yet. Therefore, I decided to get the latest, and only model my tele-communications service provider is offering, the Microsoft Lumia 950. I’m a fan…already! It is really a teeny tiny PC, ‘tho I won’t be configuring to use it as such as I have no need. But, the power is there! So far, it is a true smooth operator…highly intuitive (which suits me to the ground), the touch is sensitive and smooth without being overwhelming and resulting in mis-queued commands, and finding information on how to do things is very easy. I’ve even chosen the High Contrast Start screen (which is like a blackboard with white text and icons) and this translates throughout the phone’s usage, including web pages which, interestingly, look great! As a spectacles-wearer, this suits me very well and is less of a strain than trying to read things with lighter text on a light background with all that light coming into your eyes — yuk!

Now, as for the camera, well I haven’t really tried it too much yet, but here’s the goss:  Zeiss f1.9 lens 26mm wide angle, natural light flash if you need to use it (equivalent to the fill flash on a D80, very gentle and looks like no flash has been used). Focusing light. Accessing and changing the settings — wow! Beautiful. Easy. Focusing areas, just like on a dSLR (read selective focus) and varying viewfinder grids to help you compose the image if you want it. Zoom. Self-timer. 5MP Selfie camera, as well as the main 19MP camera, capturing both JPEG and DNG. Video too. In-built image stabilisation, and a quick tap on the camera icon once you’re ready to take the picture. All very quick. Does it sound like you really don’t need a dSLR anymore?

Secondly, I’ve had spine issues since my teen years, which I’ve managed quite well over the years. But, things are declining with age despite my best efforts. So, Friday just gone, as I was out doing grocery shopping (a small load of lightweight items only), and something happened, I don’t know what, and the pain has been excruciating! It felt like my top half was trying to re-engage with my bottom half, and that effort produced severe shocks and deep pain even with simple, normal movements. I spent approx. three and a half days in bed, keeping warm and comfortable. Yesterday, I managed to get to the doctor and he thinks it was only muscle spasm! Really! It felt like a slipped disc to me (but, then, I’ve never had that experience before). He assures me if it were a slipped disc, I would not be able to move, at all. So, at present, we are on a medication regime for the next week, and we’ll see how it goes. Today, things are improving, so much so that I can sit at my desk and view my WP Reader and make this post! My movements are carefully orchestrated. At least, I have been coping with this time in bed by reading Simone de Beauvoir’s Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter…interesting, a definite original thinker (but, we do know that…). I’m up to her teenage years. And sleeping, a lot, but I don’t mind.

I am preparing some more draft posts and will schedule. If I don’t come visit you for a while longer, please understand. I haven’t quite fallen off the planet, just yet! Although I am visiting quite a few of you on my new phone, but not commenting.






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