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    1. I’m glad you’re taken with this one. The minimalist in me likes this type of image, as you can see from a lot of my postings of plants and other things. A little backstory on this plant. Where I live is a very large complex of modern apartments built by one of Australia’s more famous architects, Daryl Jackson, in the mid-70s. Part of the design is the open landscaping and the native plants in the various gardens throughout, that can handle aridity and poor soils, especially gum trees, wattles, ironbark, Casuarina, Queensland box and, in some areas ‘tho not directly in my section, Melaleuca — or paper bark as it’s commonly known. On high windy days, often small branches get blown off these trees and bushes and land on the footpaths surrounding this area. Often I pick up the more interesting ones I can find and use them as my photo-subjects, just like this one. By this time, the leaves will have dried considerably. In the case of Melaleuca, those tiny leaves look harmless, but they are shark-teeth sharp and can hurt and make you bleed!

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