2016 #579 no.2

Pear duo. PicSketch.
Pear duo on glass plate. PicturePerfect, then PicSketch.

Yes, I’m being lazy; sometimes I forget the file naming numbering system when I prepare a lot of drafts. So…

Update re my new Win10 Lumia950 smartphone. I’m finding out the power in this technological wonder! And am always astounded that Man could create something like this. Part of the learning curve, of course, regards the Camera app (that is what it is called; everything is an app now!). I’ve taken only relatively few images so far and have edited some using the old standbys of PicSketch and PicturesLab mostly. I am also learning that the file-naming protocol for a couple of the new image editing apps I have installed also look like the two mentioned. Confusing. But, it will soon come together. So, I’ll probably mislabel a few posts to come.

The Photos app (that’s the place where your camera roll and saved pictures are located; now called Collection overall, but you can choose to view them as Albums, ie as separate Camera Roll or Saved Pictures or any other album you may create, as there is a viewing menu to choose from).

What I like with this new Photos app, which wasn’t available in the Win7 version of my phone, is that you can now get File Information on each image, and because the Camera app works now virtually like a dSLR, you can see the aperture, which is always f1.9, ISO setting and shutter speed, white balance, brightness (that is, +/- exposure) if you make any changes to those as well.

Of course, as with any dSLR, you can eventually get out of Auto mode and explore those settings. I’ve done that so far for only one image. Taken in my bed at night (which is when I do a lot of playing around) of my blue steel water bottle with black cap that sits on my bedside table. Lamp on (throws a warm yellow light), no flash, I chose a shutter speed of 1/500sec (I know…I wanted to see the result), I have the viewfinder grid set to Golden Mean and chose the focus area in that middle spot of the mean grid, no other settings changes. The File information tells me that the ISO was at 10,000 — yes, that’s right! Wow. Very grainy, only slightly soft, but I don’t mind that, and it picked up the background wall colour (sandy) and the only specular highlight picked up a slight blue colour from the steel blue of the water bottle. I’ve worked on it a bit more in Autodesk Pixlr adding a bit more texture and a soft dark border, and am very happy with the end result. Not perfect, but it’s interesting. Will post that later. As a further note, this editing program is actually made for Mac PCs and especially iPhone and Android. Nice to see it with Win10, but it is not fully featured. Pity. All good fun!

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