2016 #597

I’m invariably attracted to tea rooms. Something about the gentility it represents from eras gone by that we try to recapture by participating in the ritual of afternoon tea or even high tea. It is a good reason to bring out the best crockery to add to this mood.

‘The spoon’ is part of a tea set of some elegance and luxury I had experienced recently in the newly re-opened shopping complex that used to be the Australia on Collins. It is now called St. Collins La; unusual name, I agree, but you’ll know why if you live here. I have prepared a new gallery (in the sidebar) showing the more-true imagery of this delightful tea set — delicate pink, rich black and white edged in gold, and the gold spoon of course. The French tea room itself also exudes the appropriate atmosphere for an elegant high tea experience. I’ll be going back as the service fits my budget. I may get dressed up the next time to do it justice!

The spoon. PicSketch. Two views.
The spoon. PicSketch.

An aside:  Some fellow WP bloggers will have received comments from me via my smartphone, eg janina (jmnowak, via my fone) with a fictitious email address. I handle commenting from my phone this way as it is the easiest way. I don’t know any other way to make it easier, as my Windows phone does not have the capacity to remember passwords (and mine is very long), and I certainly don’t keep a post-it-note of the password near my bed, which is where I view and comment from. So, I hope you won’t think I am spam, even ‘tho some of my comments may read that way!


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2 thoughts on “2016 #597”

  1. No, you are not a spam. For me, tea is very pleasant bugbear to boredom. When I’m bored at work, I use to drink some very strange sort of tea, and when I drink I get less sleepy just because of shere wonder that such fanciful taste exists 🙂


    1. Ah, thank you Stonka! LOL. 🙂
      Tea is very refreshing, although some types I would never drink. I prefer a light brew, sometimes with milk sometimes without — green tea with lemon, black tea, earl grey. The tea I had the day I visited this tea room was English Breakfast, and it was very nice, along with the selection of sandwiches — quite like a high tea! To think, tea started from the chrysanthemum in China…of course, the caffeine in tea is what gives us that boost we all need!


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