2016 #627

Chinese ink painting of goldfish. PicSketch

This Chinese ink painting hangs on my bedroom wall, to my right. I like to look at it frequently as a form of meditation. Would you believe I bought this at a Chinese goods sale at the Malvern Town Hall many years ago, for just $5, just as it is. Yep. I will never sell it.

One of the things I like about the Win10 phone’s camera is that the main camera gives me 19Mpx worth of detail. This allows much tweaking-room to play with in apps like PicSketch, and others of course. I can make it look more intense, or as soft like a watercolour as this one, without losing the essence of the original image.

An aside: I have prepared the last two posts and this one using the WP “new” post creator and editor. Normally I like to get into the WP-admin site. I’m finding this new way to be highly intuitive and easy to use. I shall continue! Thanks WP; you’re improving all the time. 🙂

Author: jmnowak

Long-time photo enthusiast, my 'style' could be defined as colourful and eclectic, 'tho I do like to experiment.

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