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In the past, as each new year was coming closer, instead of making resolutions I knew I wouldn’t keep, I intuited a theme to live by for the year that rhymed with the number in the year. It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but as I’ve been so inspired during my short time on IG, it happened. Just like that!
2 0 1 7
To be
In other words, don’t be shy. Bring out your light from behind that bushel. We need your special and unique creativity to inspire us and motivate us and bring light where it needs to be. Be bold. Be daring. Never be afraid.
Happy New Year! ✨🎈💋


Author: jmnowak

Long-time photo enthusiast, my 'style' could be defined as colourful and eclectic, 'tho I do like to experiment.

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    1. Thank you, Michael. Same to you. I’ve enjoyed your most enlightening posts and your wife’s wonderful illustrations. I wonder if you will prepare one for the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017. Cheeri-pip! 🎈

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        1. Thanks for the link. I’d be more interested in a similar treatment to your latest post on Augury. Of course, as you would know, the Chinese also have a long heritage of divination, along with others like the ancient Egyptians and Indians. Hence my request. I’m sure you could come up with something. And anyway, I’d like to see a full-on fire rooster illustrated by your talented wife to go with it! Please?!! 🥂

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          1. Maybe at some point. I’m surprised how busy things can be, even after the holiday season. Anyway, I’m enjoying your images. Keep them coming. Take care, and happy Chinese New Year (in 20 days)!

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