2017 #681

A couple of posts back, in the comments I mentioned that, at this point, the only way I can find to remove elements from an image, whilst editing on my phone, is to use the Blur effect in PicturesLab. One can choose the size and amount of Blur. In this first pic, there are five distractions:


I have removed only four in the next pic:

Processed in PicturesLab using HDR effect, then Blur effect to remove distractions. Then FantasiaPainter.

The fifth element no longer stands out that much. I used this version to prepare my final version, but decided I wanted more colour in the leaves and less softness, and finished that process in Fantasia Painter. Below is the pic I posted to Instagram.


Collage prepared in Phototastic Collage app.

Did you enjoy this ‘find the missing elements’ exercise, boys and girls? Years ago, in the local daily newspaper, I had fun trying to find such missing elements in the two images they showed. I believe it helped hone my observation skills!

Until such time as I am able to learn if the other image editing software on my phone has a Delete elements function like you have in, say, Lightroom, I will continue to use the Blur effect in PicturesLab.


Author: jmnowak

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