Chinese ink painting

Whilst I was at the NGVI after visiting the Carwash installation in the Equiset Garden, I had some lunch then went to the Asian section. I looked at just a few items, including the following painting. I’m including the (slightly inaccurate) texted painting label and also the introduction to the whole display. I was lucky to have asked a very tall young Chinaman about the pictographs within the painting. He told me it was a poem, which is the first lines of the painting’s label shown below. He was not the man in the foto. I am attracted to such simplicity of the artform and its serenity. I would like to learn.


As a long time T’ai Chi practitioner, I would suggest that ‘tranquillize’ is a mistranslation and should be ‘To still one’s mind…’ Sorry for the bands, an affect from the lighting of that display.





Author: jmnowak

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