2017 #836


Cute potplants and a dog. Adobe Photo Express.

Sometimes, architecture and interior design in this city are bold and interesting. Part of [The Cullen] in Prahran (yes, those squared brackets form part of their brand). ๐Ÿ“Œ


Author: jmnowak

Long-time photo enthusiast, my 'style' could be defined as colourful and eclectic, 'tho I do like to experiment.

4 thoughts on “2017 #836”

  1. It’s a nice concept, and I don’t know if it’s true, but I always have the feeling Australia is ahead of the curve in certain places, design-wise. Maybe it’s becasue the country appeals to me – all that space, the newness, the experimentation.

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    1. Possibly. We live on a very big island at the arse end of the world. This makes us quite resourceful, innovative, ie necessity is the mother of invention, including creativity per se due to the isolation. This does not mean we are isolationist with regard to the rest of the world. It means we don’t compare and, hence, are free to create and do. But, as in every society, the creatives are in the minority and the idiots are the majority. Of course, we do have a dark side too, but I won’t go into that here! So, I guess, you are right. ๐Ÿ™‹


      1. It’s very interesting to hear your perspective. I’ve always been keenly aware of geographical differences and how they shape culture, behavior, thought, etc. If we ever get there, we’ll have a first-hand view and the opportunity to form our own impressions. A long trip though!


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