2017 #721


I’m gonna eat you up if you’re not careful! PicturesLab.

That’s the feeling I get when I look at this building! Can you guess, I do not like this apartment building, just two streets from where I live, which is a quiet pocket of historic residential homes. On a really sunny day, guess what happens with that gold shiny fascia? Yep. How this passed muster with the local Planning authorities is unfathomable (unless someone’s palm was greased)? 🎴


Addendum: NGVI visit

Some final scenes from a lovely day on 13mar.

First pic shows the re-designed café on the ground floor in keeping with the David Hockney colourful exhibition, which closed that day. The big screen, of 18 rectangular panels, showed a continuously moving scene of a lush garden somewhere.

The next three pix were taken from the foyer area of the Asian section on the first floor, looking out in the distance to the Peter Rowland café, he being a famous Melbourne caterer. It is fine dining on a beer budget. Recommended. We are also looking at the front entrance’s famous glass water wall, to the right, and some people coming in down below.

Finally, are those people sleeping, there, on those poufs? Lol. No, they are enjoying viewing the full-sized glass abstract mosaic ceiling of the Great Hall designed by artist, Leonard French. 😎

The Carwash 3

After the washing, we went into the flappers lane to be flapped dry. I know, that isn’t what happens in a real old fashioned carwash, at least as I remember them. But, hey, this is my fantasy and it’s the 21st century! This cute toddler in the blue sunhat enjoyed flapping with his toddler friends, and me. He features in the rest of these pix. 🤗

The Carwash 2

When in the washing lanes, there are two, the mist comes down. There was a slight breeze this day making the mist be blown away. I was twirling around, with my fone, trying to get some foggy mist in my selfies. After all, we’re supposed to be washed. Finally, yes! You can see my aha moment. What fun! The mist landed on my fone in tiny droplets, and I’m surprised that doesn’t show in the fotos. Also, note the cutie photobomber in the first pic of me. 🙂