2017 #815

River at sunset. Fantasia Painter.

Inspired by the work of Cole Thompson, black + white fine art photographer. How? I started this doodle intending it as a b+w, but then got carried away, a little. Cole’s work is minimalist to the extreme. Imagine a curved sliver of silver for the river, and just another sliver as the horizon, everything else black. That’s his style. My idol. 🎴

2017 #807


I was watching a cooking show on the TV where the dish was one of my fave desserts, which I could actually make quite well when I used to cook: Crispy Pavlova bowl with chunky fruit salad, whipped cream and fresh passionfruit. Yum. Yes, these Fantasia Painter doodles are of passionfruit seeds floating in the pulp. 😋