2016 #528

I’ve posted these berries a number of times; they’re a beautiful soft pink. I have found out in my recent research that they are Hypericum berries. Pretty.

Hypericum berries. Various software.
Hypericum berries. Various software.

2016 #358

pink berries picsketch
Pink berries. PicSketch. *A lot better, looking like a watercolour.

7feb16 Update:

Most of the flower/plant images used for my painterly efforts, unless otherwise stated, were taken in the café I visit when shopping at the Prahran Market, and is part of their beautifying of the café’s premises. Including these pink berries. I didn’t study botany in school, so when visiting another blogger this morning, they referred to a berry that kinda reminded me of this one, so I decided to check out Wikipedia. It looks to be the berry of the Hypericum, commonly known as St John’s Wort, a healing herb used to treat anxiety and depression. The berries are a light to medium strength pink and a fair size.

My images search brought up this link: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Flowers+Light-Pink+Hypericum+Berries&id=BA8D30096CDC164AB8D790A7F5113AB4C66BA590&FORM=IDBQDM.