AdobePhotoshopExpress_b018b5a682b644d392a1d224e35667ccFantasia Painting(2) - CopyThe heat we’d been having got to me. All I wanted to do was lie down. It’s now raining bucketloads (we’re expecting one month’s worth in two days, circa 150mm and my unit has water damage). My head has cleared, so here’s the post.

I wasn’t inspired for the month of goodwill to all men, so I prepared two versions of Dec. One cold, to express my general overall feeling and for the northern hemisphere countries. One slightly warmer and more friendly tho still based on a cold climate. Not sure I could work up a drawing of Santa in board shorts, sunnies and a big smile and riding a huge kangaroo for the evening. I’m sure the true illustrators out there in blogland comicsville could realize that particular image! Here they are, then. You decide which one you like. 🤶


2017 #680

Here’s a small section of the café scene of the lane:


Hardware Lane. Fhotoroom.

As it was the Christmas season, I thought you may wish to see the street lighting decoration along the lane. I wonder how well it sparkled?


Christmas bells lighting, Hardware Lane. Fhotoroom.

That building top in the background is Melbourne Central, otherwise known as the ME Bank, it’s brand logo being a very simple smiley. As an aside, they have a humorous TV advertisement using just their logo and singing nothing but the ‘ME’ as the lyric. I love it. 🙂