2017 #793

Phototastic-4_04_2017_387743f6-8c6a-43e8-9e7c-ef23d9bc06b5 (2)
Seedpod shadow collage.

Not sure I like this! The original image I processed a few different monochromatic ways in PicturesLab, then made the collage in Phototastic Collage. This posted version is a very close crop. 🖼

2017 #743



Can one argue that even in death there is beauty? These fading Clivia flowerheads were photographed after all the previous shots of this subject. As each began fading, and I plucked them to lay on my bookshelf mantel, I was mesmerized by the changing colours, from the original bright orange eventually to this darker purple pink, reflecting its place on the range of what we call the colour spectrum. Nature never ceases to amaze me. 🎨