2016 #632

No I’m not back just yet. Trying the posting by mobile phone.

The physio treatment has cleared up some issues, but my right leg and knee seem to have stalled. Bending the leg+knee is painful. I can walk okay but slower now. Doing flexibility exercises. Will try some Shiatsu next as in past experience magic happened! Wish me luck! Tho I’ll try not to let it stop me. Arthritis…aarrgghh!! 🤐

In the meantime, have literally been laying down on the job whilst working on images on my phone. Easy. Am getting quite fired up in the creativity dept doing things I never thought possible for me, even tho urges to sketch are lurking in the background! Collages and painting originals and other edits using the current fotos on the phone. Here’s an example:


FontCandy (7).png
Simplify & Create word mandala totally created in Font Candy using my own fone-captured background as the base.