2017 #890

Fantasia Painting

On a few recent smartphone fotos, I’ve been using Fantasia Painter as an image editor and trying to extend my skills with this most powerful app. In this pic, I used the smudge tool to remove a few spots and distractions, the lighten tool on both ladies’ hair, and some overall tonal and vignette adjustments and a bit of sharpen. It’s turned out okay, I think. The next few posts are more FP tests. 🖼

2017 #867


I’ve always wondered what my images would look like on a wall of a home or gallery. After reading a post from a fellow WordPress blogger, I tried it, using the OhMyPrints [ohmyprints.com] template on my fone. The above is the result. I was unable to resize my pic, or perhaps the app is meant for another fone. Still, it looks fine, I think! 🖼

2017 #863


Waiting for orders. Adobe Photo Express.


The final, for now, in the Gramercy Social / [The Cullen] series, until such time as I can get a decent shot of the French waiter! 😇

The Gramercy kitchen also does take-away from their normal menu. ÜBEREats is becoming quite popular as they deliver only from the better eateries at reasonable prices. Foodora has been around for a long time. I haven’t tried either, yet. 🍰