2017 #815

River at sunset. Fantasia Painter.

Inspired by the work of Cole Thompson, black + white fine art photographer. How? I started this doodle intending it as a b+w, but then got carried away, a little. Cole’s work is minimalist to the extreme. Imagine a curved sliver of silver for the river, and just another sliver as the horizon, everything else black. That’s his style. My idol. 🎴

2017 #731


Another plant that has me intrigued. Tropical in flavour and somewhat delicately orchid-like. Any suggestions as to species? Whenever I see it, I must touch it to make sure it’s real as it has that plasticy fake flower look to me! With this pic, I’ve tried the web effect to, essentially, act as a vignette to hide the distractions around the edges. Processed in various software. 💥